One of Zettle’s key assets is the fact that it doubles as an EPOS system, which you can start using from the get-go – no further sign up or purchase needed. That’s a massive win for businesses that are keen on combining these two features while saving money. Zettle offers insightful reporting tools, including a unique sales forecasting report, which allow you to plan ahead as well as manage your inventory. You’ll pay just a single fee to purchase your card reader, rather than renting it on a monthly basis .
Cash discounting provides customers with a discount for paying with cash. This means that the original price is reduced if you use cash. However, with surcharging, the original price increases if you use a credit card.
If you do find better pricing from another processor, don’t be afraid to contact your current processor to see if you can renegotiate your rates. You have more negotiating power if your service is provided on a month-to-month basis and you own your equipment, since you can switch to a new service without penalty. If you’re under contract, the rep may be less willing to renegotiate, but it’s still worth a try. If you are an established merchant and want lower fees, you may be able to get a pricing review or audit to see if you qualify for lower prices. If you currently use a certain processor and want better rates, it may be worth asking your account manager if they can help you reduce your costs. Also, by reviewing free credit card machine on a regular basis, you may be able to identify costs or fees that you’re overpaying.
Services include next-day funding and dedicated account representatives. Find out about our Cash Discount Program where the customer pays the processing fees! Some credit card processing companies offer 24/7 live support. If you process a lot of transactions on nights and weekends, you could have an issue reaching some customer support teams when you need them most.
For example, you can’t disable the requirement for customer signature for transaction under a certain, this is very inconvenient for small transactions under $25. I run a taxi business and people don’t have time, they just want to pay and get out. These indicate that the processor may sign you up for various additional services that cost extra, and you have a very short period to cancel or opt out. Again, you may be automatically enrolled in additional services, and you must figure out what they are and how to cancel them or you will be charged for them. Most application forms include personal guarantee clauses that grant the processor the right to perform credit checks.
In addition, our merchants log in directly to a secure website to configure custom account settings, download statements, generate reports and manage transactions. With our fraud protection, suite you can identify, manage and prevent potentially expensive fraudulent transactions. Even without a Shopify card reader, you can still use Shopify POS to record cash transactions. If you’re confused about how to process card payments in a salon, you’re not alone.