Avoid buying from sellers who have very little or no customer feedback; the merchandise is most likely inauthentic. Before you bid on a pair of Jordans, do your homework and make sure all of the information and pictures look right. Your chances of purchasing fake Jordans go up substantially if the shoes are shipped from Asia.
It’s what it is – you didn’t happen upon the find of a lifetime, you got hustled. If it’s too good to be true, know that it really isn’t good and it really isn’t true. You’re not getting Jordans for $59.99 – You’re getting fake Jordan’s for $59.99 plus tax, shipping and handling with inevitable return fees. The same goes in an auction – you didn’t win, you lost money and a whole lot of common sense. They won’t be good, comfortable or even passably fake Jordans.
In the fake vs real Air Jordan 1 Low image above, we have pointed out how the fake shoes have their stitching on the Nike Swoosh logo improperly shaped. In fact, the fake Air Jordan 1 Low shoes have their stitching looking too thin and short on the upper side of the logo, and too thick and long on the bottom side of the logo. On fake sneakers , the authentic Air Jordan 1 Low shoes have the same stitching weight for their Swoosh all around the logo.
Just to end, I can’t help but say that this book need a pretty big editing work. I’m not a native speaker and as you probably notice from my reviews, I’m not an english grammar specialist. I pretty much learnt to speak the language by reading and I make many mistakes and don’t notice many of them while reading, BUT. And if I’m noticing that many, I can’t imagine what a native will find LOL So yes, editing must be done and really, it’s an important thing no one should neglect.
It should profile substantially above the rest of the shoe. Next, make sure the “webbing” is on the rubber back panel. Some of the fakes are either flat or not as distinct as the one shown above.
Without further delay, let’s take a closer look at how to spot a fake Air Jordan 1 Court Purple. Inspect the shoes carefully for neat and professional looking stitching. Everything should look evenly spaced, with no unfinished edges or frayed threads.
It is also important to examine the placement of the perforations, as they always follow a particular pattern of placement. Let’s talk about one of the most recognizable features of the Jordan 1’s, which is the toe box. As we discussed before, it should have a slight curve outwards, as to be lifted off the surface when standing flat. It should also be rather slim and rounded, not boxy. Here it is very obvious that the fake tag has a much thinner Swoosh with a less defined curve. The embroidery should not be too dense or too thin.
This same flaw can be noticed between “D” and “A” on the fake Air Jordan 1. If you’re wondering how to legit check Air Jordan 1’s, this is one of the fastest ways — look out for inconsistencies on the size tag, such as this one. Shirts to match sneakers, we’ve put together some ways to help you spot fake Jordans and shop with informed eyes. Air Jordan sneakers can fetch anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the model.