Every parent knows that getting affordable childcare for a night out can be nearly impossible. That’s why with this parents’ night out fundraiser, it’s a win-win! Parents get a night off for a reasonable price, and you get to raise money for your cause. If you’re looking for a unique and engaging fundraising event, you might consider hosting a themed event with Casino-style gaming.
Just prepare your questions, pick a venue, and charge a small admission fee. Teams will compete head-to-head for a small prize, and they can purchase snacks and merchandise while they play. Accept artistic submissions from local artists and sell them to the highest bidder.
Hosting a community carnival is a great way to engage with supporters and raise funds. Get your balloon pop fundraiser started by blowing up a couple hundred balloons and filling them with slips of paper redeemable for prizes. These prizes might be a small amount of cash, gift certificates for stores or restaurants in your community, or food items like a can of soda or a cupcake. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas -to-give fundraising is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to raise money with mobile technology.
Set a date and time, sell tickets at the door, and offer concessions for a small price. Don’t forget to set up a general donation table to accept other contributions throughout the night. A pledge campaign is a unique fundraising opportunity that gathers promises to donate to be collected at a later date, rather than asking for on-the-spot gifts. Then you can charge a small amount and set up a fun night of food, drinks, and socializing for parents. While not technically a fundraising idea, advocacy and fundraising go hand in hand for many organizations and causes.
If you have a variety of smaller raffle prizes, a sucker pull works perfectly. When the time comes to play the game, everyone who’s in stands up. If you are able to get several items donated, you may want to consider a silent auction. If you can get a supporter of your organization to make or build an item to donate or put together a vacation package, you’re in business!
It can also be done in conjunction with any other event you have going on. People love to give and receive ornaments for the Christmas season. If you’re using ornaments to help pay for mission trips, have your mission team craft unique ornaments in the shapes of the countries they’re going to serve. Peer-to-peer events require more planning, execution time, and direct engagement with participants than crowdfunding campaigns, but the payoff can be incredible.