The second coming of NoonooTV, now reborn as 티비몬, has taken the Korean entertainment industry by storm. In April 2023, the original NoonooTV TV faced governmental pressure and chose to register voluntarily under a new name. This marked the beginning of NoonooTV TV Season 2, an endeavor driven by the need to avoid the repercussions of its past association with the Korean pension scandal. In June of the same year, the Korean government’s insistence led to the emergence of NoonooTV Season 2. This article delves into the fascinating story of 티비몬, exploring its roots, its revival, and its unique place in the world of OTT streaming.


The Birth of 티비몬

A Voluntary Transformation

NoonooTV’s transformation into 티비몬 was a calculated move. Faced with mounting pressure from the Korean government, NoonooTV decided to voluntarily register under a new identity. This transformation was not just a rebranding effort but a necessary step to disassociate from the controversy that had plagued the platform.

The Shock of Korean Pensions

The Korean pension scandal had cast a long shadow over NoonooTV. The platform found itself entangled in a web of controversies and legal issues, prompting the need for a fresh start. NoonooTV TV Season 2 was born out of this necessity, as the management team sought to cleanse the platform’s image and regain public trust.

The Rise of NoonooTV Season 2

Taking Action

Following a brief hiatus, NoonooTV Season 2 sprang into action. The Korean government’s insistence on reforming the platform paved the way for a new era. With a renewed commitment to transparency and ethical practices, NoonooTV Season 2 aimed to redefine its role in the Korean entertainment landscape.

Commemorating the Formalization

Season 2 was a testament to the voluntary formalization of NoonooTV. It symbolized the platform’s acknowledgment of its past mistakes and its dedication to making amends. This new phase was marked by a determination to learn from the past and build a brighter future.

The Emergence of 티비몬

A Fresh Start

Approximately a month after NoonooTV Season 2’s debut, a new player entered the scene – 티비몬. This OTT site garnered immediate attention as it was perceived as a resurrection of sorts, under a new name. The management team behind NoonooTV Season 2 had chosen to relaunch the platform as 티비몬, breathing new life into it.

Reopening Under a New Name

티비몬 was embraced by audiences as a site where NoonooTV Season 2’s management had reimagined and rebranded their offering. It signified a fresh start, untethered from the controversies of the past. With a new name and renewed vigor, 티비몬 quickly found favor among viewers.


The transformation of NoonooTV into 티비몬 stands as a remarkable example of resilience and reinvention in the face of adversity. The platform’s decision to voluntarily reform and rebrand itself has not only rekindled its own fortunes but also breathed new life into the world of Korean OTT streaming. 티비몬 is a testament to the power of adaptation and the enduring appeal of quality content. As it continues to captivate audiences, it signifies the potential for rebirth and renewal in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.